Duo Boards for Product Photography

I’m really excited to share a new professional photography tool that I just tried for the first time. The name? Duo Boards from Vflat World. The verdict? Outstanding! I researched the heck out of different backdrop companies and quickly concluded that Duo Boards would be a perfect fit for Alicea Studios’ product photography projects. And I was right. Here’s why:


1) Each board is two-sided so you have twice the design for a similar cost as a single design from competitors. (If you’re looking out for reasonable product photography pricing, that’s a big plus!)


2) They have an impressive array of options in both regular and XL sizes with duo designs like Alpine/Onyx Marble, White/Ebony Subway Tile, Iced Concrete/Midnight Cement, Vintage Oak/Ink Hardwood, Aged Cutting Board/Butchers Board, and several others.


3) The board designs photograph beautifully and look incredibly realistic. 

So I ordered a couple, specifically the Ebony and White Subway Tile duo and Alpine Marble/Onyx Marble duo. It just so happened that the boards were delivered right when my shipment of OSEA products arrived, and since I love the OSEA skincare line so much, I thought—perfect test drive subject! I honestly couldn’t have been more pleased. The Duo Boards’ designs looked authentic and provided a clean, polished backdrop to OSEA’s sleek and simple packaging style. The one minor flaw is the way the L bracket connects the two boards; the application is a little tricky and cumbersome. With patience though, you’ll get it done, and if you need help, Vflat’s customer service is just an email away (support@vflatworld.com). The only other con is that the boards don’t come with a carrying case. It’s an inconvenience that can easily be rectified with a little online shopping. Just one quick search and voila, this one would work just fine. 

OSEA Malibu

Now, let me just take a moment to rave about our photography test drive subject: OSEA Malibu skincare. This line is one of my personal favorites! It’s a wonderful family/female-owned company out of Venice Beach, and I discovered them about two years ago. I started my original OSEA love affair with their decadent Undaria Algae Body Oil which is, hands down, the best oil I’ve ever used. It keeps my skin hydrated all day, and the scent is divine. Slowly, I incorporated more and more of their body-pampering products into my routine, including the amazing Hyaluronic Sea Serum. After just a few applications, I replaced my old hyaluronic product and never looked back.

01 / 10

So yes, OSEA really works. But they also are a thoughtful company with a philosophy I’m totally behind. Their line is 100% vegan and gluten-free, using smartly sourced sea algae and other nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients to create sustainable, planet-loving products that I feel good about using. Definitely check out their website if you want to explore great products.

And if you're looking for creative quality product photography to show off your own products on a website, Etsy store, or e-commerce platform, we’d be happy to help! Just contact us at Alicea Studios for commercial photography services in San Antonio, Texas. 

***This is not a sponsored post***