The Full Picture

Hi there! 👋 I'm Carla Alicea. My journey with photography began in Los Angeles, where I spent over ten years capturing beautiful moments as a busy wedding photographer. While I cherished that experience, I felt a calling to refine my skills in studio photography and focus on families as they entered the next stage of life.

With a deep passion for photography, I founded Alicea Studio to cultivate stronger connections with growing families beyond the wedding day. I believe that art and expression are the essence of freedom, that giving back propels us forward, and that love is simply love. To embark on this new chapter, I bid farewell to Los Angeles and embraced the vibrant culture of Texas.

Now settled in San Antonio, I am fully immersed in the city's culture, aspirations, and meaningful causes. I am a proud supporter of creative spaces of all kinds that welcome members of the community without judgment. In other words, I'm ready to capture your good vibes…and spread a few of my own. 

In Loving Memory

A picture of Chico at our wedding.
A picture of Chico on a road trip.
A picture of Chico in his new Texas home.
A picture of Chico doing what he did best, sleeping.

The face of Alicea Studio is my adorable rescue dog Mr. Chico, who passed away in May of 2020 at the age of 18. He was a small but mighty survivor who taught me about acceptance and forgiveness like only a dog can.

Found tied to an abandoned house, his rescuers scooped him up and introduced him to my family. When we brought him home, he was fearful and skittish. But a nourishing diet and an unprecedented number of cuddles transformed him into a happy, carefree boy.

His tenacity, independence, and capacity for love continue to inspire me. That’s why he’s my logo. He reminds me daily that every hour is full of possibilities, you should always choose kindness, and never, ever pass up a treat.